20 Jan

My wonderful intern, Gabby, set up this blog (and my website, updated Facebook page and my twitter). I resisted all of it. I’m not much of a blog reader and only regularly read two: my fabulous daughter’s–Bee Influence and my do-or-die girlfriend Eleanore’s Spinsterlicious.

I am easily overwhelmed by information and honestly have way too much going on (not that you don’t), to participate in all that is social media. But, Gabby and others, who are actively living in this part of the century, convinced me that I needed to catch up.
In addition to trying to sell my most recent book, Welcome to My Breakdown, I’m also raising two children, my daughter is 18 and my son is almost 12; taking care of my father, who has dementia and lives with us; going through the college application process with my daughter; searching for assisted living places for my dad; teaching creative writing at a college and keeping my 20-year marriage, house and blind dog all going. I’m not complaining, but I am explaining why I haven’t published a book in six years.

I’m changing that–I’m back in the game (happy Walter and McBride)? This time I’ve written a non-fiction book, a memoir of sorts.
I told you that in this blog I would write about things that I’ve read, heard, seen that inspire, anger, amuse me both as a writer and a human being.

This morning, Sunday, I do what I always do, read the Sunday New York Times, while having my coffee. This is my church. I pretty much read the same sections the same way, switching between the front section and the Style section. If I read Style first it’s usually because I’m feeling decadent or rushed. If I read the serious news first if I’m feeling clearer and languid. Today I read an article about how the Obamas have changed since first term. It quoted old friends, cabinet people, politicians. One said something about how they’re more comfortable dealing with the butlers and handlers–Duh. Then there was a delicious piece on the head of JCrew, Jenna Lyons, who is very cool and just the kind of quirky that I love. After a recent split from her husband she started a romantic relationship with a woman. I like her even more for having the courage to publicly, do her thing. Sexuality is fluid. Love isn’t always convenient nor does it neatly fit into box.
With my new book, I’m puttin a lot of my stuff out there. I’m on a journey–trying to live outside of boxes. I don’t want lines of which I have to stay inside, my suburban life withstanding.
The possibilities of what this book can open up, excite (and scare) me. I’m hoping you’ll come along with me feel more alive, enlightened or just some kind of way in the process.

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