9 Feb

I don’t know what it is about going to Target that fills me with something divine and I’m not really interested in analyzing it; all I can tell you is that I went yesterday, as the early part of the storm had begun, and was just thrilled to be there.
I prefer to go alone and only go when I have at least two free hours to roam. First I pick up what I need and then aimlessly roam other sections like make-up, towels, kitchen gadgets, sleepwear, books, movies, whatever.
Yesterday I ran into a woman I know from my town. I recognized her face, but didn’t initially realize that she was someone I’d once talked with on the phone for an hour about our sons and school and reading.
Anyway she asked how I was and I said, “I’m so happy.” She looked at me with a slightly skeptical smile and I quickly added, “I love Target.”
She nodded, probably thinking what a freak.
By the time I left the store, the snow had started in earnest. Again, I was happy in the knowledge that I’d be holed up at home in my basement on the couch in front of the TV.
I’m a homebody, but sometimes feel guilty about not going out, especially on the weekends.
Today it’s sunny and bright. I’m in bed typing, feeling replenished. The streets have been cleared and I’m thinking that I may even keep my dinner date tonight.
I’ll probably wear my new Target tank top.

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