When Our Kids Hurt

18 Sep

Welcome to My Breakdown

The other day I was  on my walk with a friend and we ran into another. The look on her face was stricken. After the three of us completed a couple of loops around the park, she told us that her son, a college student, was having a rough time socially.  After she left, the other friend said: “When I saw her face I thought someone had died.” My friend was in deep pain because her son was.  I know in my body what that feels like.

When they fall down, our instinct is to pick them up, kiss the boo boo and make everything all right. We do this when they’re little, at college age, it’s just not so easy. Often it’s not even possible.

There are things that happen in your child’s life that you can’t fix.

A few weeks ago, toward the end of summer I came…

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