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30 Aug
“Genius often emerges where there is intimate support for it.”
If I had a dollar for every time someone told me, “I always wanted to write,” I’d be rich ok maybe not rich, but I’d have a nice stash of cash. For many, writing down the narrative of our lives is a primal desire. I have taught various forms of writing, but love teaching memoir best. (See my post, Teaching Memoir). I teach in the daytime in Montclair and for a long time, people have been asking me to do one in the evenings. So, I am.

Beginning Wednesday, Oct. 3 through Dec. 5, 5 pm-7 pm

wood light creative space

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This memoir-writing workshop will help you birth your story by sharing your work in a positive roundtable environment

With the use of writing prompts, exercises, to help foster your material and create compelling characters from your life

We will teach the craft of dialogue, scene, and action to help you gain an understating of plot

Student Reviews:

“I can’t imagine feeling safer sharing my writing than in this group molded each week in the capable hands of Benilde Little. Benilde shares the skills of her craft generously and poignantly, wrapping them inside a burrito of honest critique and genuine praise. She holds our hands while we face the darker parts of our souls and channel that pain into our writing, resulting in beautiful, visceral memoir.” – Laura K. from Maplewood

“Benilde is wonderful…she’s accessible and open.
Her memoir writing class helps inform a direction and encourages writers to mine deep, extracting painful memories. Her instruction and suggestions help trigger those challenging gems that lie beneath your writing tablet, allowing them to surface, and thus molding these recollections into your memoir.” Judith A. Montclair

“Benilde does her magic. She creates such a safe space, that within no time at all, everyone reveals the true self…from the heart. For almost four years now, these two hours a week have meant the world to me and changed my life in ways that only a writer can understand. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”
Silvia, Essex Fells

Launchpad, suite 240
Downtown Newark/Historic Hahne’s Building suite 240
625 Broad Street
Cost: $400 per 8-week session (no class 10/31 or 11/21)

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